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Reconstruction of enhancer-target networks in 935 samples of human primary cells, tissues and cell lines

Qin Cao, Christine Anyansi, Xihao Hu, Liangliang Xu, Lei Xiong, Wenshu Tang, Myth T.S. Mok, Chao Cheng, Xiaodan Fan, Mark Gerstein, Alfred S.L. Cheng and Kevin Y. Yip

Nature Genetics 49(10):1428-1436, (2017)

The following tables provide the enhancer-target networks inferred by JEME from the ENCODE+Roadmap and FANTOM5 samples in CSV format. Both the original LASSO predictions described in the paper and additional predictions based on Elastic Net are provided. All coordinates are based on the hg19 human reference genome. In each file, each line corresponds to an enhancer-target pair, where:
  • The first field is the location of the enhancer (0-based, left-close, right-open)
  • The second field is the list of transcripts sharing the TSS separated by %
  • The third field is the confidence score of the enhancer-target connection, with a higher score indicating a more confident prediction
ENCODE+Roadmap (Download all LASSO/Elastic Net networks):
ID Sample name Sample group Epigenome mnemonic Standardized epigenome name Enhancer-target network
001E001ESCESC.I3ES-I3 CellsLASSOElastic Net
002E002ESCESC.WA7ES-WA7 CellsLASSOElastic Net
003E003ESCESC.H1H1 CellsLASSOElastic Net
004E004ES-derivESDR.H1.BMP4.MESOH1 BMP4 Derived Mesendoderm Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
005E005ES-derivESDR.H1.BMP4.TROPH1 BMP4 Derived Trophoblast Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
006E006ES-derivESDR.H1.MSCH1 Derived Mesenchymal Stem CellsLASSOElastic Net
007E007ES-derivESDR.H1.NEUR.PROGH1 Derived Neuronal Progenitor Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
008E008ESCESC.H9H9 CellsLASSOElastic Net
009E009ES-derivESDR.H9.NEUR.PROGH9 Derived Neuronal Progenitor Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
010E010ES-derivESDR.H9.NEURH9 Derived Neuron Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
011E011ES-derivESDR.CD184.ENDOhESC Derived CD184+ Endoderm Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
012E012ES-derivESDR.CD56.ECTOhESC Derived CD56+ Ectoderm Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
013E013ES-derivESDR.CD56.MESOhESC Derived CD56+ Mesoderm Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
014E014ESCESC.HUES48HUES48 CellsLASSOElastic Net
015E015ESCESC.HUES6HUES6 CellsLASSOElastic Net
016E016ESCESC.HUES64HUES64 CellsLASSOElastic Net
017E017IMR90LNG.IMR90IMR90 fetal lung fibroblasts Cell LineLASSOElastic Net
018E018iPSCIPSC.15biPS-15b CellsLASSOElastic Net
019E019iPSCIPSC.18iPS-18 CellsLASSOElastic Net
020E020iPSCIPSC.20BiPS-20b CellsLASSOElastic Net
021E021iPSCIPSC.DF.6.9iPS DF 6.9 CellsLASSOElastic Net
022E022iPSCIPSC.DF.19.11iPS DF 19.11 CellsLASSOElastic Net
023E023MesenchFAT.MSC.DR.ADIPMesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Adipocyte Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
025E025MesenchFAT.ADIP.DR.MSCAdipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
026E026MesenchSTRM.MRW.MSCBone Marrow Derived Cultured Mesenchymal Stem CellsLASSOElastic Net
027E027EpithelialBRST.MYOBreast Myoepithelial Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
028E028EpithelialBRST.HMEC.35Breast variant Human Mammary Epithelial Cells (vHMEC)LASSOElastic Net
029E029HSC & B-cellBLD.CD14.PCPrimary monocytes from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
030E030HSC & B-cellBLD.CD15.PCPrimary neutrophils from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
031E031HSC & B-cellBLD.CD19.CPCPrimary B cells from cord bloodLASSOElastic Net
032E032HSC & B-cellBLD.CD19.PPCPrimary B cells from peripheral bloodLASSOElastic Net
033E033Blood & T-cellBLD.CD3.CPCPrimary T cells from cord bloodLASSOElastic Net
034E034Blood & T-cellBLD.CD3.PPCPrimary T cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
035E035HSC & B-cellBLD.CD34.PCPrimary hematopoietic stem cellsLASSOElastic Net
036E036HSC & B-cellBLD.CD34.CCPrimary hematopoietic stem cells short term cultureLASSOElastic Net
037E037Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.MPCPrimary T helper memory cells from peripheral blood 2LASSOElastic Net
038E038Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.NPCPrimary T helper naive cells from peripheral bloodLASSOElastic Net
039E039Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25M.CD45RA.NPCPrimary T helper naive cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
040E040Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25M.CD45RO.MPCPrimary T helper memory cells from peripheral blood 1LASSOElastic Net
041E041Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25M.IL17M.PL.TPCPrimary T helper cells PMA-I stimulatedLASSOElastic Net
042E042Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25M.IL17P.PL.TPCPrimary T helper 17 cells PMA-I stimulatedLASSOElastic Net
043E043Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25M.TPCPrimary T helper cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
044E044Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25.CD127M.TREGPCPrimary T regulatory cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
045E045Blood & T-cellBLD.CD4.CD25I.CD127.TMEMPCPrimary T cells effector/memory enriched from peripheral bloodLASSOElastic Net
046E046HSC & B-cellBLD.CD56.PCPrimary Natural Killer cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
047E047Blood & T-cellBLD.CD8.NPCPrimary T CD8+ naive cells from peripheral bloodLASSOElastic Net
048E048Blood & T-cellBLD.CD8.MPCPrimary T CD8+ memory cells from peripheral bloodLASSOElastic Net
049E049MesenchSTRM.CHON.MRW.DR.MSCMesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Chondrocyte Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
050E050HSC & B-cellBLD.MOB.CD34.PC.FPrimary hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized FemaleLASSOElastic Net
051E051HSC & B-cellBLD.MOB.CD34.PC.MPrimary hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized MaleLASSOElastic Net
052E052MyosatMUS.SATMuscle Satellite Cultured CellsLASSOElastic Net
053E053NeurosphBRN.CRTX.DR.NRSPHRCortex derived primary cultured neurospheresLASSOElastic Net
054E054NeurosphBRN.GANGEM.DR.NRSPHRGanglion Eminence derived primary cultured neurospheresLASSOElastic Net
055E055EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.FIB.01Foreskin Fibroblast Primary Cells skin01LASSOElastic Net
056E056EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.FIB.02Foreskin Fibroblast Primary Cells skin02LASSOElastic Net
057E057EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.KER.02Foreskin Keratinocyte Primary Cells skin02LASSOElastic Net
058E058EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.KER.03Foreskin Keratinocyte Primary Cells skin03LASSOElastic Net
059E059EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.MEL.01Foreskin Melanocyte Primary Cells skin01LASSOElastic Net
060E061EpithelialSKIN.PEN.FRSK.MEL.03Foreskin Melanocyte Primary Cells skin03LASSOElastic Net
061E062Blood & T-cellBLD.PER.MONUC.PCPrimary mononuclear cells from?peripheral?bloodLASSOElastic Net
062E063AdiposeFAT.ADIP.NUCAdipose NucleiLASSOElastic Net
063E065HeartVAS.AORAortaLASSOElastic Net
064E066OtherLIV.ADLTLiverLASSOElastic Net
065E067BrainBRN.ANG.GYRBrain Angular GyrusLASSOElastic Net
066E068BrainBRN.ANT.CAUDBrain Anterior CaudateLASSOElastic Net
067E069BrainBRN.CING.GYRBrain Cingulate GyrusLASSOElastic Net
068E070BrainBRN.GRM.MTRXBrain Germinal MatrixLASSOElastic Net
069E071BrainBRN.HIPP.MIDBrain Hippocampus MiddleLASSOElastic Net
070E072BrainBRN.INF.TMPBrain Inferior Temporal LobeLASSOElastic Net
071E073BrainBRN.DL.PRFRNTL.CRTXBrain_Dorsolateral_Prefrontal_CortexLASSOElastic Net
072E074BrainBRN.SUB.NIGBrain Substantia NigraLASSOElastic Net
073E075DigestiveGI.CLN.MUCColonic MucosaLASSOElastic Net
074E076Sm. MuscleGI.CLN.SM.MUSColon Smooth MuscleLASSOElastic Net
075E077DigestiveGI.DUO.MUCDuodenum MucosaLASSOElastic Net
076E078Sm. MuscleGI.DUO.SM.MUSDuodenum Smooth MuscleLASSOElastic Net
077E079DigestiveGI.ESOEsophagusLASSOElastic Net
078E080OtherADRL.GLND.FETFetal Adrenal GlandLASSOElastic Net
079E081BrainBRN.FET.MFetal Brain MaleLASSOElastic Net
080E082BrainBRN.FET.FFetal Brain FemaleLASSOElastic Net
081E083HeartHRT.FETFetal HeartLASSOElastic Net
082E084DigestiveGI.L.INT.FETFetal Intestine LargeLASSOElastic Net
083E085DigestiveGI.S.INT.FETFetal Intestine SmallLASSOElastic Net
084E086OtherKID.FETFetal KidneyLASSOElastic Net
085E087OtherPANC.ISLTPancreatic IsletsLASSOElastic Net
086E088OtherLNG.FETFetal LungLASSOElastic Net
087E089MuscleMUS.TRNK.FETFetal Muscle TrunkLASSOElastic Net
088E090MuscleMUS.LEG.FETFetal Muscle LegLASSOElastic Net
089E091OtherPLCNT.FETPlacentaLASSOElastic Net
090E092DigestiveGI.STMC.FETFetal StomachLASSOElastic Net
091E093ThymusTHYM.FETFetal ThymusLASSOElastic Net
092E094DigestiveGI.STMC.GASTGastricLASSOElastic Net
093E095HeartHRT.VENT.LLeft VentricleLASSOElastic Net
094E096OtherLNGLungLASSOElastic Net
095E097OtherOVRYOvaryLASSOElastic Net
096E098OtherPANCPancreasLASSOElastic Net
097E099OtherPLCNT.AMNPlacenta AmnionLASSOElastic Net
098E100MuscleMUS.PSOASPsoas MuscleLASSOElastic Net
099E101DigestiveGI.RECT.MUC.29Rectal Mucosa Donor 29LASSOElastic Net
100E102DigestiveGI.RECT.MUC.31Rectal Mucosa Donor 31LASSOElastic Net
101E103Sm. MuscleGI.RECT.SM.MUSRectal Smooth MuscleLASSOElastic Net
102E104HeartHRT.ATR.RRight AtriumLASSOElastic Net
103E105HeartHRT.VNT.RRight VentricleLASSOElastic Net
104E106DigestiveGI.CLN.SIGSigmoid ColonLASSOElastic Net
105E107MuscleMUS.SKLT.MSkeletal Muscle MaleLASSOElastic Net
106E108MuscleMUS.SKLT.FSkeletal Muscle FemaleLASSOElastic Net
107E109DigestiveGI.S.INTSmall IntestineLASSOElastic Net
108E110DigestiveGI.STMC.MUCStomach MucosaLASSOElastic Net
109E111Sm. MuscleGI.STMC.MUSStomach Smooth MuscleLASSOElastic Net
110E112ThymusTHYMThymusLASSOElastic Net
111E113OtherSPLNSpleenLASSOElastic Net
112E114ENCODE2012LNG.A549.ETOH002.CNCRA549 EtOH 0.02pct Lung Carcinoma Cell LineLASSOElastic Net
113E115ENCODE2012BLD.DND41.CNCRDnd41 TCell Leukemia Cell LineLASSOElastic Net
114E116ENCODE2012BLD.GM12878GM12878 Lymphoblastoid CellsLASSOElastic Net
115E117ENCODE2012CRVX.HELAS3.CNCRHeLa-S3 Cervical Carcinoma Cell LineLASSOElastic Net
116E118ENCODE2012LIV.HEPG2.CNCRHepG2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell LineLASSOElastic Net
117E119ENCODE2012BRST.HMECHMEC Mammary Epithelial Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
118E120ENCODE2012MUS.HSMMHSMM Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts CellsLASSOElastic Net
119E121ENCODE2012MUS.HSMMTHSMM cell derived Skeletal Muscle Myotubes CellsLASSOElastic Net
120E122ENCODE2012VAS.HUVECHUVEC Umbilical Vein Endothelial Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
121E123ENCODE2012BLD.K562.CNCRK562 Leukemia CellsLASSOElastic Net
122E124ENCODE2012BLD.CD14.MONOMonocytes-CD14+ RO01746 Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
123E125ENCODE2012BRN.NHANH-A Astrocytes Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
124E126ENCODE2012SKIN.NHDFADNHDF-Ad Adult Dermal Fibroblast Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
125E127ENCODE2012SKIN.NHEKNHEK-Epidermal Keratinocyte Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
126E128ENCODE2012LNG.NHLFNHLF Lung Fibroblast Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
127E129ENCODE2012BONE.OSTEOOsteoblast Primary CellsLASSOElastic Net
FANTOM5 (Download all LASSO/Elastic Net networks):
ID Sample name Description Sample facet Enhancer-target network
001CNhs10608Clontech Human Universal Reference Total RNA pool1 LASSOElastic Net
002CNhs10610SABiosciences XpressRef Human Universal Total RNA pool1 LASSOElastic Net
003CNhs10612Universal RNA - Human Normal Tissues Biochain pool1 LASSOElastic Net
004CNhs10615adipose tissue adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
005CNhs10616bladder adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
006CNhs10617brain adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
007CNhs10618cervix adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
008CNhs10619colon adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
009CNhs10620esophagus adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
010CNhs10621heart adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
011CNhs10622kidney adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
012CNhs10624liver adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
013CNhs10625lung adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
014CNhs10626ovary adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
015CNhs10627placenta adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
016CNhs10628prostate adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
017CNhs10629skeletal muscle adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
018CNhs10630small intestine adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
019CNhs10631spleen adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
020CNhs10632testis adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
021CNhs10633thymus adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
022CNhs10634thyroid adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
023CNhs10635trachea adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
024CNhs10636retina adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
025CNhs10637temporal lobe adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
026CNhs10638postcentral gyrus adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
027CNhs10640pons adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
028CNhs10641parietal lobe adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
029CNhs10642paracentral gyrus adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
030CNhs10643occipital pole adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
031CNhs10644nucleus accumbens adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
032CNhs10645medulla oblongata adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
033CNhs10646insula adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
034CNhs10647frontal lobe adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
035CNhs10648dura mater adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
036CNhs10649corpus callosum adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
037CNhs10650thymus fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
038CNhs10651spleen fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
039CNhs10652kidney fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
040CNhs10653heart fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
041CNhs10654tonsil adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
042CNhs10722acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:THP-1 (fresh) LASSOElastic Net
043CNhs10723acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:THP-1 (revived) LASSOElastic Net
044CNhs10724acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:THP-1 (thawed) LASSOElastic Net
045CNhs10726lung adenocarcinoma cell line:PC-14 LASSOElastic Net
046CNhs10727chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line:KU812 LASSOElastic Net
047CNhs10728extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma cell line:H-EMC-SS LASSOElastic Net
048CNhs10729renal cell carcinoma cell line:OS-RC-2 LASSOElastic Net
049CNhs10730malignant trichilemmal cyst cell line:DJM-1 LASSOElastic Net
050CNhs10731glioma cell line:GI-1 LASSOElastic Net
051CNhs10732maxillary sinus tumor cell line:HSQ-89 LASSOElastic Net
052CNhs10733gall bladder carcinoma cell line:TGBC2TKB LASSOElastic Net
053CNhs10734papillotubular adenocarcinoma cell line:TGBC18TKB LASSOElastic Net
054CNhs10735transitional-cell carcinoma cell line:5637 LASSOElastic Net
055CNhs10736breast carcinoma cell line:MDA-MB-453 LASSOElastic Net
056CNhs10737colon carcinoma cell line:COLO-320 LASSOElastic Net
057CNhs10738adult T-cell leukemia cell line:ATN-1 LASSOElastic Net
058CNhs10739Burkitt's lymphoma cell line:DAUDI LASSOElastic Net
059CNhs10740choriocarcinoma cell line:BeWo LASSOElastic Net
060CNhs10741splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes cell line:SLVL LASSOElastic Net
061CNhs10742astrocytoma cell line:TM-31 LASSOElastic Net
062CNhs10743epidermoid carcinoma cell line:A431 LASSOElastic Net
063CNhs10744b cell line:RPMI1788 LASSOElastic Net
064CNhs10745anaplastic carcinoma cell line:8305C LASSOElastic Net
065CNhs10746acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) cell line:HPB-ALL LASSOElastic Net
066CNhs10747non T non B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cell line:P30/OHK LASSOElastic Net
067CNhs10748epidermoid carcinoma cell line:Ca Ski LASSOElastic Net
068CNhs10750bile duct carcinoma cell line:HuCCT1 LASSOElastic Net
069CNhs10751giant cell carcinoma cell line:Lu99B LASSOElastic Net
070CNhs10752oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line:Ca9-22 LASSOElastic Net
071CNhs10753signet ring carcinoma cell line:Kato III LASSOElastic Net
072CNhs10837Endothelial Cells - Aortic donor0blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
073CNhs10838Smooth Muscle Cells - Aortic donor0vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
074CNhs10839Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical artery donor0vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
075CNhs10842Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells donor0retinal pigment epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
076CNhs10843Urothelial cells donor0urothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
077CNhs10844Mesenchymal stem cells - adipose donor0mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
078CNhs10845Mesenchymal stem cells - hepatic donor0mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
079CNhs10847Sebocyte donor1acinar cellLASSOElastic Net
080CNhs10848Fibroblast - Gingival donor4 (GFH2)fibroblast of gingivaLASSOElastic Net
081CNhs10850Mesothelial Cells donor1mesothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
082CNhs10851Sertoli Cells donor1mesothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
083CNhs10852CD14+ Monocytes donor1monocyteLASSOElastic Net
084CNhs10853CD4+ T Cells donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
085CNhs10854CD8+ T Cells donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
086CNhs10855Dendritic Cells - monocyte immature derived donor1 tech_rep1dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
087CNhs10857Dendritic Cells - plasmacytoid donor1dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
088CNhs10858CD14+ monocyte derived endothelial progenitor cells donor1monocyteLASSOElastic Net
089CNhs10859Natural Killer Cells donor1natural killer cellLASSOElastic Net
090CNhs10860Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells donor1 LASSOElastic Net
091CNhs10861Macrophage - monocyte derived donor1macrophageLASSOElastic Net
092CNhs10862Neutrophils donor1neutrophilLASSOElastic Net
093CNhs10863Smooth Muscle Cells - Brain Vascular donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
094CNhs10864Astrocyte - cerebral cortex donor1astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
095CNhs10865Endothelial Cells - Lymphatic donor1endothelial cell of lymphatic vesselLASSOElastic Net
096CNhs10866Fibroblast - Gingival donor1fibroblast of gingivaLASSOElastic Net
097CNhs10867Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor1fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
098CNhs10868Smooth Muscle Cells - Colonic donor1enteric smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
099CNhs10869Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells donor1skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
100CNhs10870Myoblast donor1myoblastLASSOElastic Net
101CNhs10871Ciliary Epithelial Cells donor1ciliated epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
102CNhs10872Endothelial Cells - Umbilical vein donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
103CNhs10874Fibroblast - Aortic Adventitial donor1fibroblast of tunica adventitia of arteryLASSOElastic Net
104CNhs10875Intestinal epithelial cells (polarized) donor1intestinal epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
105CNhs10876Anulus Pulposus Cell donor1 LASSOElastic Net
106CNhs10877Pancreatic stromal cells donor1stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
107CNhs10878Fibroblast - Pulmonary Artery donor1fibroblast of pulmonary arteryLASSOElastic Net
108CNhs10879Keratinocyte - oral donor1keratinocyteLASSOElastic Net
109CNhs10881Nucleus Pulposus Cell donor1 LASSOElastic Net
110CNhs10882Prostate Epithelial Cells (polarized) donor1epithelial cell of prostateLASSOElastic Net
111CNhs10883Prostate Stromal Cells donor1stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
112CNhs10884Small Airway Epithelial Cells donor1respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
113CNhs11045cord blood derived cell line:COBL-a untreated LASSOElastic Net
114CNhs11046embryonic kidney cell line: HEK293/SLAM untreated LASSOElastic Net
115CNhs11047embryonic kidney cell line: HEK293/SLAM infection 24hr LASSOElastic Net
116CNhs11049cord blood derived cell line:COBL-a 24h infection(-C) LASSOElastic Net
117CNhs11050cord blood derived cell line:COBL-a 24h infection LASSOElastic Net
118CNhs11051Adipocyte - breast donor1fat cellLASSOElastic Net
119CNhs11052Preadipocyte - breast donor1preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
120CNhs11054Adipocyte - omental donor1fat cellLASSOElastic Net
121CNhs11057Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Wharton's Jelly donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
122CNhs11061Gingival epithelial cells donor1 (GEA11)gingival epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
123CNhs11062Dendritic Cells - monocyte immature derived donor1 tech_rep2dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
124CNhs11063Neural stem cells donor1neuronal stem cellLASSOElastic Net
125CNhs11064Keratinocyte - epidermal donor1keratinocyteLASSOElastic Net
126CNhs11065Preadipocyte - omental donor1preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
127CNhs11073Mast cell - stimulated donor1mast cellLASSOElastic Net
128CNhs11074Fibroblast - skin spinal muscular atrophy donor1skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
129CNhs11075Whole blood (ribopure) donor090325 donation1 LASSOElastic Net
130CNhs11076Whole blood (ribopure) donor090325 donation2 LASSOElastic Net
131CNhs11077Mammary Epithelial Cell donor1mammary epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
132CNhs11079Placental Epithelial Cells donor1placental epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
133CNhs11082Preadipocyte - visceral donor1preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
134CNhs11083Skeletal Muscle Cells donor1skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
135CNhs11084Skeletal muscle cells differentiated into Myotubes - multinucleated donor1skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
136CNhs11085Smooth Muscle Cells - Aortic donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
137CNhs11086Smooth Muscle Cells - Brachiocephalic donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
138CNhs11087Smooth Muscle Cells - Carotid donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
139CNhs11088Smooth Muscle Cells - Coronary Artery donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
140CNhs11090Smooth Muscle Cells - Subclavian Artery donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
141CNhs11091Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical Artery donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
142CNhs11092Tracheal Epithelial Cells donor1respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
143CNhs11100ductal cell carcinoma cell line:KLM-1 LASSOElastic Net
144CNhs11183schwannoma cell line:HS-PSS LASSOElastic Net
145CNhs11185glioblastoma cell line:A172 LASSOElastic Net
146CNhs11243prostate cancer cell line:PC-3 LASSOElastic Net
147CNhs11244synovial sarcoma cell line:HS-SY-II LASSOElastic Net
148CNhs11245schwannoma cell line:HS-PSS tech_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
149CNhs11247epithelioid sarcoma cell line:HS-ES-1 LASSOElastic Net
150CNhs11248glioblastoma cell line:A172 tech_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
151CNhs11249endometrial stromal sarcoma cell line:OMC-9 LASSOElastic Net
152CNhs11250chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line:K562 LASSOElastic Net
153CNhs11251acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) cell line:BALL-1 LASSOElastic Net
154CNhs11252squamous cell carcinoma cell line:EC-GI-10 LASSOElastic Net
155CNhs11253acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) cell line:Jurkat LASSOElastic Net
156CNhs11254melanoma cell line:G-361 LASSOElastic Net
157CNhs11255rectal cancer cell line:TT1TKB LASSOElastic Net
158CNhs11256gall bladder carcinoma cell line:TGBC14TKB LASSOElastic Net
159CNhs11257renal cell carcinoma cell line:TUHR10TKB LASSOElastic Net
160CNhs11258myeloma cell line:PCM6 LASSOElastic Net
161CNhs11259ductal cell carcinoma cell line:MIA Paca2 LASSOElastic Net
162CNhs11260prostate cancer cell line:DU145 LASSOElastic Net
163CNhs11261transitional-cell carcinoma cell line:JMSU1 LASSOElastic Net
164CNhs11263mesothelioma cell line:ACC-MESO-1 LASSOElastic Net
165CNhs11264mesothelioma cell line:ACC-MESO-4 LASSOElastic Net
166CNhs11265bile duct carcinoma cell line:TFK-1 LASSOElastic Net
167CNhs11266endometrial carcinoma cell line:OMC-2 LASSOElastic Net
168CNhs11267retinoblastoma cell line:Y79 LASSOElastic Net
169CNhs11268Burkitt's lymphoma cell line:RAJI LASSOElastic Net
170CNhs11269rhabdomyosarcoma cell line:RMS-YM LASSOElastic Net
171CNhs11270signet ring carcinoma cell line:NUGC-4 LASSOElastic Net
172CNhs11271hepatoma cell line:Li-7 LASSOElastic Net
173CNhs11272glioblastoma cell line:T98G LASSOElastic Net
174CNhs11273squamous cell lung carcinoma cell line:EBC-1 LASSOElastic Net
175CNhs11274giant cell carcinoma cell line:LU65 LASSOElastic Net
176CNhs11275lung adenocarcinoma cell line:A549 LASSOElastic Net
177CNhs11276neuroblastoma cell line:CHP-134 LASSOElastic Net
178CNhs11277large cell lung carcinoma cell line:IA-LM LASSOElastic Net
179CNhs11279osteosarcoma cell line:143B/TK^(-)neo^(R) LASSOElastic Net
180CNhs11280colon carcinoma cell line:CACO-2 LASSOElastic Net
181CNhs11281melanoma cell line:COLO 679 LASSOElastic Net
182CNhs11282acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) cell line:NALM-6 LASSOElastic Net
183CNhs11283cholangiocellular carcinoma cell line:HuH-28 LASSOElastic Net
184CNhs11284neuroblastoma cell line:NB-1 LASSOElastic Net
185CNhs11285small cell lung carcinoma cell line:LK-2 LASSOElastic Net
186CNhs11286gastric cancer cell line:AZ521 LASSOElastic Net
187CNhs11287oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line:HO-1-u-1 LASSOElastic Net
188CNhs11288cervical cancer cell line:D98-AH2 LASSOElastic Net
189CNhs11289cervical cancer cell line:ME-180 LASSOElastic Net
190CNhs11290osteosarcoma cell line:HS-Os-1 LASSOElastic Net
191CNhs11303Melanocyte - light donor1melanocyteLASSOElastic Net
192CNhs11305Smooth Muscle Cells - Aortic donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
193CNhs11309Smooth Muscle Cells - Aortic donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
194CNhs11311Osteoblast - differentiated donor1osteoblastLASSOElastic Net
195CNhs11317Pericytes donor1pericyte cellLASSOElastic Net
196CNhs11319Fibroblast - Choroid Plexus donor1fibroblast of choroid plexusLASSOElastic Net
197CNhs11320Meningeal Cells donor1stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
198CNhs11321Astrocyte - cerebellum donor1astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
199CNhs11322Fibroblast - Lymphatic donor1fibroblast of lymphatic vesselLASSOElastic Net
200CNhs11323Esophageal Epithelial Cells donor1epithelial cell of esophagusLASSOElastic Net
201CNhs11324Smooth Muscle Cells - Esophageal donor1smooth muscle cell of the esophagusLASSOElastic Net
202CNhs11325Alveolar Epithelial Cells donor1respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
203CNhs11328Smooth Muscle Cells - Bronchial donor1bronchial smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
204CNhs11329Smooth Muscle Cells - Tracheal donor1smooth muscle cell of tracheaLASSOElastic Net
205CNhs11330Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cell donor1kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
206CNhs11331Renal Cortical Epithelial Cells donor1kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
207CNhs11332Renal Epithelial Cells donor1kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
208CNhs11333Renal Mesangial Cells donor1kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
209CNhs11334Urothelial Cells donor1urothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
210CNhs11335Hepatic Stellate Cells (lipocyte) donor1hepatic stellate cellLASSOElastic Net
211CNhs11336Corneal Epithelial Cells donor1corneal epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
212CNhs11337Keratocytes donor1keratocyteLASSOElastic Net
213CNhs11338Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells donor1retinal pigment epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
214CNhs11339Fibroblast - Conjunctival donor1fibroblast of the conjuctivaLASSOElastic Net
215CNhs11340Trabecular Meshwork Cells donor1trabecular meshwork cellLASSOElastic Net
216CNhs11341Amniotic Epithelial Cells donor1amniotic epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
217CNhs11344Mesenchymal Stem Cells - bone marrow donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
218CNhs11345Mesenchymal Stem Cells - adipose donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
219CNhs11347Mesenchymal Stem Cells - umbilical donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
220CNhs11349Mesenchymal Stem Cells - amniotic membrane donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
221CNhs11350Multipotent Cord Blood Unrestricted Somatic Stem Cells donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
222CNhs11351Fibroblast - skin normal donor1skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
223CNhs11352Fibroblast - skin walker warburg donor1skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
224CNhs11353Fibroblast - skin dystrophia myotonica donor1skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
225CNhs11354Fibroblast - skin dystrophia myotonica donor2skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
226CNhs11371Adipocyte - subcutaneous donor2fat cellLASSOElastic Net
227CNhs11372Chondrocyte - de diff donor2chondrocyteLASSOElastic Net
228CNhs11373Chondrocyte - re diff donor2chondrocyteLASSOElastic Net
229CNhs11375Endothelial Cells - Aortic donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
230CNhs11376Endothelial Cells - Microvascular donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
231CNhs11377Endothelial Cells - Vein donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
232CNhs11378Fibroblast - Cardiac donor2cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
233CNhs11379Fibroblast - Dermal donor2skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
234CNhs11381Keratinocyte - epidermal donor2keratinocyteLASSOElastic Net
235CNhs11382Mammary Epithelial Cell donor2mammary epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
236CNhs11383Melanocyte - light donor2melanocyteLASSOElastic Net
237CNhs11384Neural stem cells donor2neuronal stem cellLASSOElastic Net
238CNhs11385Osteoblast donor2osteoblastLASSOElastic Net
239CNhs11386Placental Epithelial Cells donor2placental epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
240CNhs11671Whole blood (ribopure) donor090309 donation2 LASSOElastic Net
241CNhs11672Whole blood (ribopure) donor090612 donation1 LASSOElastic Net
242CNhs11673Whole blood (ribopure) donor090612 donation2 LASSOElastic Net
243CNhs11675Whole blood (ribopure) donor090309 donation1 LASSOElastic Net
244CNhs11676uterus adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
245CNhs11677salivary gland adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
246CNhs11680lung fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
247CNhs11714chronic lymphocytic leukemia (T-CLL) cell line:SKW-3 LASSOElastic Net
248CNhs11715Hodgkin's lymphoma cell line:HD-Mar2 LASSOElastic Net
249CNhs11716papillary adenocarcinoma cell line:8505C LASSOElastic Net
250CNhs11717oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line:HSC-3 LASSOElastic Net
251CNhs11718mesenchymal stem cell line:Hu5/E18 LASSOElastic Net
252CNhs11722leiomyoma cell line:10964C LASSOElastic Net
253CNhs11723leiomyoma cell line:15242A LASSOElastic Net
254CNhs11724leiomyoma cell line:15425 LASSOElastic Net
255CNhs11725argyrophil small cell carcinoma cell line:TC-YIK LASSOElastic Net
256CNhs11726testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC8 LASSOElastic Net
257CNhs11728Wilms' tumor cell line:HFWT LASSOElastic Net
258CNhs11729myxofibrosarcoma cell line:MFH-ino LASSOElastic Net
259CNhs11731embryonic pancreas cell line:1B2C6 LASSOElastic Net
260CNhs11732embryonic pancreas cell line:1C3D3 LASSOElastic Net
261CNhs11733embryonic pancreas cell line:1C3IKEI LASSOElastic Net
262CNhs11734small-cell gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC4 LASSOElastic Net
263CNhs11736small cell gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC10 LASSOElastic Net
264CNhs11737gastric adenocarcinoma cell line:MKN1 LASSOElastic Net
265CNhs11738gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC12 LASSOElastic Net
266CNhs11739squamous cell carcinoma cell line:T3M-5 LASSOElastic Net
267CNhs11740granulosa cell tumor cell line:KGN LASSOElastic Net
268CNhs11741diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell line:CTB-1 LASSOElastic Net
269CNhs11742hepatoblastoma cell line:HuH-6 LASSOElastic Net
270CNhs11744neuroectodermal tumor cell line:FU-RPNT-1 LASSOElastic Net
271CNhs11745clear cell carcinoma cell line:JHOC-5 LASSOElastic Net
272CNhs11746serous adenocarcinoma cell line:JHOS-2 LASSOElastic Net
273CNhs11747carcinosarcoma cell line:JHUCS-1 LASSOElastic Net
274CNhs11748endometrioid adenocarcinoma cell line:JHUEM-1 LASSOElastic Net
275CNhs11750lens epithelial cell line:SRA 01/04 LASSOElastic Net
276CNhs11752mucinous adenocarcinoma cell line:JHOM-1 LASSOElastic Net
277CNhs11753neuroectodermal tumor cell line:FU-RPNT-2 LASSOElastic Net
278CNhs11755smooth muscle adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
279CNhs11756pancreas adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
280CNhs11757heart adult diseased post-infarction donor1 LASSOElastic Net
281CNhs11758heart adult diseased donor1 LASSOElastic Net
282CNhs11760aorta adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
283CNhs11761blood adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
284CNhs11762eye fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
285CNhs11763uterus fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
286CNhs11764spinal cord fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
287CNhs11765umbilical cord fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
288CNhs11766trachea fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
289CNhs11768tongue fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
290CNhs11769thyroid fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
291CNhs11770throat fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
292CNhs11771stomach fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
293CNhs11772temporal lobe fetal donor1 tech_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
294CNhs11773small intestine fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
295CNhs11774skin fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
296CNhs11776skeletal muscle fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
297CNhs11777rectum fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
298CNhs11779diaphragm fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
299CNhs11780colon fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
300CNhs11781duodenum fetal donor1 tech_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
301CNhs11782parietal lobe fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
302CNhs11784occipital lobe fetal donor1 LASSOElastic Net
303CNhs11786lung right lower lobe adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
304CNhs11787occipital lobe adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
305CNhs11788lymph node adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
306CNhs11789left ventricle adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
307CNhs11790left atrium adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
308CNhs11792breast adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
309CNhs11794colon adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
310CNhs11795cerebellum adult pool1 LASSOElastic Net
311CNhs11796brain adult donor1 LASSOElastic Net
312CNhs11797brain fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
313CNhs11798liver fetal pool1 LASSOElastic Net
314CNhs11810oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line:SAS LASSOElastic Net
315CNhs11811neuroblastoma cell line:NH-12 LASSOElastic Net
316CNhs11812small cell lung carcinoma cell line:WA-hT LASSOElastic Net
317CNhs11813xeroderma pigentosum b cell line:XPL 17 LASSOElastic Net
318CNhs11814embryonic pancreas cell line:2C6 LASSOElastic Net
319CNhs11818neuroblastoma cell line:NBsusSR LASSOElastic Net
320CNhs11819gastric adenocarcinoma cell line:MKN45 LASSOElastic Net
321CNhs11820choriocarcinoma cell line:T3M-3 LASSOElastic Net
322CNhs11821myxofibrosarcoma cell line:NMFH-1 LASSOElastic Net
323CNhs11824glassy cell carcinoma cell line:HOKUG LASSOElastic Net
324CNhs11825large cell non-keratinizing squamous carcinoma cell line:SKG-II-SF LASSOElastic Net
325CNhs11827serous cystadenocarcinoma cell line:HTOA LASSOElastic Net
326CNhs11828tridermal teratoma cell line:HGRT LASSOElastic Net
327CNhs11829sacrococcigeal teratoma cell line:HTST LASSOElastic Net
328CNhs11830peripheral neuroectodermal tumor cell line:KU-SN LASSOElastic Net
329CNhs11832pancreatic carcinoma cell line:NOR-P1 LASSOElastic Net
330CNhs11834carcinoid cell line:NCI-H1770 LASSOElastic Net
331CNhs11835osteoclastoma cell line:Hs 706.T LASSOElastic Net
332CNhs11836Ewing's sarcoma cell line:Hs 863.T LASSOElastic Net
333CNhs11838alveolar cell carcinoma cell line:SW 1573 LASSOElastic Net
334CNhs11840bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell line:NCI-H358 LASSOElastic Net
335CNhs11841bronchogenic carcinoma cell line:ChaGo-K-1 LASSOElastic Net
336CNhs11842fibrous histiocytoma cell line:GCT TIB-223 LASSOElastic Net
337CNhs11843hairy cell leukemia cell line:Mo LASSOElastic Net
338CNhs11844acantholytic squamous carcinoma cell line:HCC1806 LASSOElastic Net
339CNhs11845biphenotypic B myelomonocytic leukemia cell line:MV-4-11 LASSOElastic Net
340CNhs11846carcinoid cell line:SK-PN-DW LASSOElastic Net
341CNhs11848leiomyoblastoma cell line:G-402 LASSOElastic Net
342CNhs11849pharyngeal carcinoma cell line:Detroit 562 LASSOElastic Net
343CNhs11851liposarcoma cell line:SW 872 LASSOElastic Net
344CNhs11852lymphangiectasia cell line:DS-1 LASSOElastic Net
345CNhs11853neuroepithelioma cell line:SK-N-MC LASSOElastic Net
346CNhs11854neurofibroma cell line:Hs 53.T LASSOElastic Net
347CNhs11856pagetoid sarcoma cell line:Hs 925.T LASSOElastic Net
348CNhs11857spindle cell sarcoma cell line:Hs 132.T LASSOElastic Net
349CNhs11858mycosis fungoides T cell lymphoma cell line:HuT 102 TIB-162 LASSOElastic Net
350CNhs11859leukemia chronic megakaryoblastic cell line:MEG-01 LASSOElastic Net
351CNhs11860fibrosarcoma cell line:HT-1080 LASSOElastic Net
352CNhs11861medulloblastoma cell line:ONS-76 LASSOElastic Net
353CNhs11862bronchial squamous cell carcinoma cell line:KNS-62 LASSOElastic Net
354CNhs11864acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M2) cell line:NKM-1 LASSOElastic Net
355CNhs11865chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cell line:MEG-A2 LASSOElastic Net
356CNhs11866neuroectodermal tumor cell line:TASK1 LASSOElastic Net
357CNhs11867NK T cell leukemia cell line:KHYG-1 LASSOElastic Net
358CNhs11868hepatic mesenchymal tumor cell line:LI90 LASSOElastic Net
359CNhs11869somatostatinoma cell line:QGP-1 LASSOElastic Net
360CNhs11870liposarcoma cell line:KMLS-1 LASSOElastic Net
361CNhs11872thyroid carcinoma cell line:TCO-1 LASSOElastic Net
362CNhs11873mucinous cystadenocarcinoma cell line:MCAS LASSOElastic Net
363CNhs11875choriocarcinoma cell line:SCH LASSOElastic Net
364CNhs11876testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:ITO-II LASSOElastic Net
365CNhs11877rhabdomyosarcoma cell line:KYM-1 LASSOElastic Net
366CNhs11878teratocarcinoma cell line:NCC-IT-A3 LASSOElastic Net
367CNhs11880keratoacanthoma cell line:HKA-1 LASSOElastic Net
368CNhs11881anaplastic large cell lymphoma cell line:Ki-JK LASSOElastic Net
369CNhs11882adenocarcinoma cell line:IM95m LASSOElastic Net
370CNhs11883tubular adenocarcinoma cell line:SUIT-2 LASSOElastic Net
371CNhs11884teratocarcinoma cell line:NCR-G1 LASSOElastic Net
372CNhs11885small cell cervical cancer cell line:HCSC-1 LASSOElastic Net
373CNhs11886chronic myeloblastic leukemia (CML) cell line:KCL-22 LASSOElastic Net
374CNhs11888acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M7) cell line:MKPL-1 LASSOElastic Net
375CNhs11889anaplastic squamous cell carcinoma cell line:RPMI 2650 LASSOElastic Net
376CNhs11890teratocarcinoma cell line:PA-1 LASSOElastic Net
377CNhs11891hereditary spherocytic anemia cell line:WIL2-NS LASSOElastic Net
378CNhs11892Wilms' tumor cell line:G-401 LASSOElastic Net
379CNhs11893adrenal cortex adenocarcinoma cell line:SW-13 LASSOElastic Net
380CNhs11894normal embryonic palatal mesenchymal cell line:HEPM LASSOElastic Net
381CNhs11896Gingival epithelial cells donor2 (GEA14)gingival epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
382CNhs11897CD14+ monocyte derived endothelial progenitor cells donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
383CNhs11899Macrophage - monocyte derived donor2macrophageLASSOElastic Net
384CNhs11900Smooth Muscle Cells - Brain Vascular donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
385CNhs11901Endothelial Cells - Lymphatic donor2endothelial cell of lymphatic vesselLASSOElastic Net
386CNhs11902Preadipocyte - omental donor2preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
387CNhs11903Gingival epithelial cells donor3 (GEA15)gingival epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
388CNhs11904CD14+ monocyte derived endothelial progenitor cells donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
389CNhs11905Neutrophils donor3neutrophilLASSOElastic Net
390CNhs11906Endothelial Cells - Lymphatic donor3endothelial cell of lymphatic vesselLASSOElastic Net
391CNhs11907Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor3fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
392CNhs11908Myoblast donor3myoblastLASSOElastic Net
393CNhs11909Fibroblast - Cardiac donor4cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
394CNhs11911Fibroblast - skin spinal muscular atrophy donor2skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
395CNhs11912Fibroblast - skin spinal muscular atrophy donor3skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
396CNhs11913Fibroblast - skin dystrophia myotonica donor3skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
397CNhs11914Fibroblast - skin normal donor2skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
398CNhs11920Smooth Muscle Cells - Prostate donor1smooth muscle cell of prostateLASSOElastic Net
399CNhs11923Chondrocyte - de diff donor1chondrocyteLASSOElastic Net
400CNhs11925Endothelial Cells - Microvascular donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
401CNhs11926Endothelial Cells - Thoracic donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
402CNhs11927Smooth Muscle Cells - Uterine donor3uterine smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
403CNhs11930clear cell carcinoma cell line:TEN LASSOElastic Net
404CNhs11931bone marrow stromal cell line:StromaNKtert LASSOElastic Net
405CNhs11932basal cell carcinoma cell line:TE 354.T LASSOElastic Net
406CNhs11933pleomorphic hepatocellular carcinoma cell line:SNU-387 LASSOElastic Net
407CNhs11934myelodysplastic syndrome cell line:SKM-1 LASSOElastic Net
408CNhs11935lymphoma malignant hairy B-cell cell line:MLMA LASSOElastic Net
409CNhs11943breast carcinoma cell line:MCF7 LASSOElastic Net
410CNhs11944mixed mullerian tumor cell line:HTMMT LASSOElastic Net
411CNhs11945meningioma cell line:HKBMM LASSOElastic Net
412CNhs11948Whole blood (ribopure) donor090309 donation3 LASSOElastic Net
413CNhs11949Whole blood (ribopure) donor090612 donation3 LASSOElastic Net
414CNhs11950normal intestinal epithelial cell line:FHs 74 Int LASSOElastic Net
415CNhs11951Sebocyte donor2acinar cellLASSOElastic Net
416CNhs11952Fibroblast - Gingival donor5 (GFH3)fibroblast of gingivaLASSOElastic Net
417CNhs11953Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor5 (PL30)fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
418CNhs11954CD14+ Monocytes donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
419CNhs11955CD4+ T Cells donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
420CNhs11956CD8+ T Cells donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
421CNhs11957Natural Killer Cells donor2natural killer cellLASSOElastic Net
422CNhs11958Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells donor2 LASSOElastic Net
423CNhs11959Neutrophils donor2neutrophilLASSOElastic Net
424CNhs11960Astrocyte - cerebral cortex donor2astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
425CNhs11961Fibroblast - Gingival donor2fibroblast of gingivaLASSOElastic Net
426CNhs11962Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor2fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
427CNhs11963Smooth Muscle Cells - Colonic donor2enteric smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
428CNhs11964Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells donor2skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
429CNhs11965Myoblast donor2myoblastLASSOElastic Net
430CNhs11966Ciliary Epithelial Cells donor2ciliated epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
431CNhs11967Endothelial Cells - Umbilical vein donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
432CNhs11969Adipocyte - breast donor2 LASSOElastic Net
433CNhs11971Preadipocyte - breast donor2preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
434CNhs11972Prostate Epithelial Cells donor2epithelial cell of prostateLASSOElastic Net
435CNhs11973Prostate Stromal Cells donor2stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
436CNhs11975Small Airway Epithelial Cells donor2respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
437CNhs11976Smooth Muscle Cells - Prostate donor2smooth muscle cell of prostateLASSOElastic Net
438CNhs11977Endothelial Cells - Artery donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
439CNhs11978Endothelial Cells - Thoracic donor2blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
440CNhs11979Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells donor2hair follicle cellLASSOElastic Net
441CNhs11980Osteoblast - differentiated donor2osteoblastLASSOElastic Net
442CNhs11981Preadipocyte - subcutaneous donor2preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
443CNhs11982Preadipocyte - visceral donor2preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
444CNhs11987Smooth Muscle Cells - Coronary Artery donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
445CNhs11988Smooth Muscle Cells - Internal Thoracic Artery donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
446CNhs11989Smooth Muscle Cells - Pulmonary Artery donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
447CNhs11990Smooth Muscle Cells - Subclavian Artery donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
448CNhs11991Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical Artery donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
449CNhs11992Synoviocyte donor2stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
450CNhs11993Tracheal Epithelial Cells donor2respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
451CNhs11996Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor6 (PLH3)fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
452CNhs11997CD14+ Monocytes donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
453CNhs11998CD4+ T Cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
454CNhs11999CD8+ T Cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
455CNhs12000Dendritic Cells - monocyte immature derived donor3dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
456CNhs12001Natural Killer Cells donor3natural killer cellLASSOElastic Net
457CNhs12002Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells donor3 LASSOElastic Net
458CNhs12003Macrophage - monocyte derived donor3macrophageLASSOElastic Net
459CNhs12004Smooth Muscle Cells - Brain Vascular donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
460CNhs12005Astrocyte - cerebral cortex donor3astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
461CNhs12006Fibroblast - Gingival donor3fibroblast of gingivaLASSOElastic Net
462CNhs12007Smooth Muscle Cells - Colonic donor3enteric smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
463CNhs12008Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells donor3skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
464CNhs12009Ciliary Epithelial Cells donor3ciliated epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
465CNhs12010Endothelial Cells - Umbilical vein donor3blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
466CNhs12011Fibroblast - Aortic Adventitial donor3fibroblast of tunica adventitia of arteryLASSOElastic Net
467CNhs12012Mesothelial Cells donor3mesothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
468CNhs12013Preadipocyte - omental donor3preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
469CNhs12014Prostate Epithelial Cells donor3epithelial cell of prostateLASSOElastic Net
470CNhs12015Prostate Stromal Cells donor3stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
471CNhs12016Small Airway Epithelial Cells donor3respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
472CNhs12017Adipocyte - subcutaneous donor3fat cellLASSOElastic Net
473CNhs12019Nucleus Pulposus Cell donor2 LASSOElastic Net
474CNhs12020Chondrocyte - de diff donor3chondrocyteLASSOElastic Net
475CNhs12021Chondrocyte - re diff donor3chondrocyteLASSOElastic Net
476CNhs12022Endothelial Cells - Aortic donor3blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
477CNhs12023Endothelial Cells - Artery donor3blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
478CNhs12024Endothelial Cells - Microvascular donor3blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
479CNhs12026Endothelial Cells - Vein donor3blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
480CNhs12027Fibroblast - Cardiac donor3cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
481CNhs12028Fibroblast - Dermal donor3skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
482CNhs12030Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells donor3hair follicle cellLASSOElastic Net
483CNhs12031Keratinocyte - epidermal donor3keratinocyteLASSOElastic Net
484CNhs12032Mammary Epithelial Cell donor3mammary epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
485CNhs12033Melanocyte - light donor3melanocyteLASSOElastic Net
486CNhs12035Osteoblast - differentiated donor3osteoblastLASSOElastic Net
487CNhs12036Osteoblast donor3osteoblastLASSOElastic Net
488CNhs12037Placental Epithelial Cells donor3placental epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
489CNhs12038Preadipocyte - subcutaneous donor3preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
490CNhs12039Preadipocyte - visceral donor3preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
491CNhs12043Smooth Muscle Cells - Brachiocephalic donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
492CNhs12044Smooth Muscle Cells - Carotid donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
493CNhs12045Smooth Muscle Cells - Coronary Artery donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
494CNhs12046Smooth Muscle Cells - Internal Thoracic Artery donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
495CNhs12048Smooth Muscle Cells - Subclavian Artery donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
496CNhs12049Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical Artery donor3vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
497CNhs12050Synoviocyte donor3stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
498CNhs12051Tracheal Epithelial Cells donor3respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
499CNhs12052Fibroblast - Dermal donor4skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
500CNhs12053Skeletal Muscle Cells donor4skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
501CNhs12054Bronchial Epithelial Cell donor4respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
502CNhs12055Fibroblast - Dermal donor5skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
503CNhs12056Skeletal Muscle Cells donor5skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
504CNhs12057Fibroblast - Cardiac donor5cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
505CNhs12058Bronchial Epithelial Cell donor5respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
506CNhs12059Fibroblast - Dermal donor6skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
507CNhs12060Skeletal Muscle Cells donor6skeletal muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
508CNhs12061Fibroblast - Cardiac donor6cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
509CNhs12062Bronchial Epithelial Cell donor6respiratory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
510CNhs12063Nucleus Pulposus Cell donor3 LASSOElastic Net
511CNhs12064Anulus Pulposus Cell donor2 LASSOElastic Net
512CNhs12065Preadipocyte - perirenal donor1preadipocyteLASSOElastic Net
513CNhs12067Adipocyte - omental donor2fat cellLASSOElastic Net
514CNhs12068Adipocyte - omental donor3fat cellLASSOElastic Net
515CNhs12069Adipocyte - perirenal donor1fat cellLASSOElastic Net
516CNhs12074Renal Glomerular Endothelial Cells donor1kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
517CNhs12075Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells donor1endothelial cell of hepatic sinusoidLASSOElastic Net
518CNhs12079Pericytes donor2pericyte cellLASSOElastic Net
519CNhs12080Meningeal Cells donor2stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
520CNhs12081Astrocyte - cerebellum donor2astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
521CNhs12084Alveolar Epithelial Cells donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
522CNhs12086Renal Glomerular Endothelial Cells donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
523CNhs12087Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cell donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
524CNhs12088Renal Epithelial Cells donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
525CNhs12091Urothelial Cells donor2urothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
526CNhs12092Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells donor2endothelial cell of hepatic sinusoidLASSOElastic Net
527CNhs12093Hepatic Stellate Cells (lipocyte) donor2hepatic stellate cellLASSOElastic Net
528CNhs12095Keratocytes donor2keratocyteLASSOElastic Net
529CNhs12100Mesenchymal Stem Cells - bone marrow donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
530CNhs12104Mesenchymal Stem Cells - amniotic membrane donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
531CNhs12105Multipotent Cord Blood Unrestricted Somatic Stem Cells donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
532CNhs12117Astrocyte - cerebellum donor3astrocyteLASSOElastic Net
533CNhs12118Fibroblast - Lymphatic donor3fibroblast of lymphatic vesselLASSOElastic Net
534CNhs12120Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cell donor3kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
535CNhs12121Renal Mesangial Cells donor3kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
536CNhs12122Urothelial Cells donor3urothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
537CNhs12123Corneal Epithelial Cells donor3corneal epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
538CNhs12124Trabecular Meshwork Cells donor3trabecular meshwork cellLASSOElastic Net
539CNhs12125Amniotic Epithelial Cells donor3amniotic epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
540CNhs12126Mesenchymal Stem Cells - bone marrow donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
541CNhs12127Mesenchymal Stem Cells - umbilical donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
542CNhs12227spinal cord adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
543CNhs12228pineal gland adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
544CNhs12229pituitary gland adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
545CNhs12310medial temporal gyrus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
546CNhs12311amygdala adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
547CNhs12312hippocampus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
548CNhs12314thalamus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
549CNhs12315medulla oblongata adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
550CNhs12316middle temporal gyrus donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
551CNhs12317parietal lobe adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
552CNhs12318substantia nigra adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
553CNhs12319globus pallidus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
554CNhs12320occipital cortex adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
555CNhs12321caudate nucleus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
556CNhs12322locus coeruleus adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
557CNhs12323cerebellum adult donor10252 LASSOElastic Net
558CNhs12324putamen adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
559CNhs12325epitheloid carcinoma cell line: HelaS3 ENCODE biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
560CNhs12326epitheloid carcinoma cell line: HelaS3 ENCODE biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
561CNhs12327epitheloid carcinoma cell line: HelaS3 ENCODE biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
562CNhs12328hepatocellular carcinoma cell line: HepG2 ENCODE biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
563CNhs12329hepatocellular carcinoma cell line: HepG2 ENCODE biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
564CNhs12330hepatocellular carcinoma cell line: HepG2 ENCODE biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
565CNhs12331B lymphoblastoid cell line: GM12878 ENCODE biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
566CNhs12332B lymphoblastoid cell line: GM12878 ENCODE biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
567CNhs12333B lymphoblastoid cell line: GM12878 ENCODE biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
568CNhs12334chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line:K562 ENCODE biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
569CNhs12335chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line:K562 ENCODE biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
570CNhs12336chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line:K562 ENCODE biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
571CNhs12338Neurons donor1neuronLASSOElastic Net
572CNhs12339Hair Follicle Outer Root Sheath Cells donor1hair follicle cellLASSOElastic Net
573CNhs12340Hepatocyte donor1hepatocyteLASSOElastic Net
574CNhs12341Cardiac Myocyte donor1cardiac myocyteLASSOElastic Net
575CNhs12342Lens Epithelial Cells donor1lens epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
576CNhs12343CD19+ B Cells donor1lymphocyte of B lineageLASSOElastic Net
577CNhs12344Fibroblast - Choroid Plexus donor2fibroblast of choroid plexusLASSOElastic Net
578CNhs12347Hair Follicle Outer Root Sheath Cells donor2epithelial cell of esophagusLASSOElastic Net
579CNhs12348Smooth Muscle Cells - Bronchial donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
580CNhs12349Hepatocyte donor2hepatocyteLASSOElastic Net
581CNhs12350Cardiac Myocyte donor2cardiac myocyteLASSOElastic Net
582CNhs12351testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC14 LASSOElastic Net
583CNhs12352CD19+ B Cells donor2lymphocyte of B lineageLASSOElastic Net
584CNhs12354CD19+ B Cells donor3lymphocyte of B lineageLASSOElastic Net
585CNhs12362testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC15 LASSOElastic Net
586CNhs12363mesenchymal precursor cell - adipose donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
587CNhs12364mesenchymal precursor cell - adipose donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
588CNhs12365mesenchymal precursor cell - adipose donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
589CNhs12366mesenchymal precursor cell - bone marrow donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
590CNhs12367mesenchymal precursor cell - bone marrow donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
591CNhs12368mesenchymal precursor cell - cardiac donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
592CNhs12369mesenchymal precursor cell - cardiac donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
593CNhs12370mesenchymal precursor cell - cardiac donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
594CNhs12371mesenchymal precursor cell - cardiac donor4mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
595CNhs12372mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer left ovary donor1 LASSOElastic Net
596CNhs12373mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer right ovary donor1 LASSOElastic Net
597CNhs12374mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer metastasis donor1 LASSOElastic Net
598CNhs12375mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer right ovary donor2 LASSOElastic Net
599CNhs12376mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer left ovary donor3 LASSOElastic Net
600CNhs12377mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer right ovary donor3 (SOC-57-02) LASSOElastic Net
601CNhs12378mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer metastasis donor3 LASSOElastic Net
602CNhs12379amniotic membrane cells donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
603CNhs12380chorionic membrane cells donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
604CNhs12492Mesenchymal stem cells - umbilical donor0mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
605CNhs12493Fibroblast - Periodontal Ligament donor4 (PL29)fibroblast of periodontiumLASSOElastic Net
606CNhs12494Adipocyte - subcutaneous donor1fat cellLASSOElastic Net
607CNhs12495Endothelial Cells - Aortic donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
608CNhs12496Endothelial Cells - Artery donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
609CNhs12497Endothelial Cells - Vein donor1blood vessel endothelial cellLASSOElastic Net
610CNhs12498Fibroblast - Cardiac donor1cardiac fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
611CNhs12499Fibroblast - Dermal donor1skin fibroblastLASSOElastic Net
612CNhs12501Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells donor1hair follicle cellLASSOElastic Net
613CNhs12502amniotic membrane cells donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
614CNhs12503amniotic membrane cells donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
615CNhs12504chorionic membrane cells donor1mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
616CNhs12506chorionic membrane cells donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
617CNhs12566Mast cell donor1mast cellLASSOElastic Net
618CNhs12568Lens Epithelial Cells donor2lens epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
619CNhs12569Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical Vein donor2vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
620CNhs12570Melanocyte - dark donor3melanocyteLASSOElastic Net
621CNhs12571Cardiac Myocyte donor3cardiac myocyteLASSOElastic Net
622CNhs12572Lens Epithelial Cells donor3lens epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
623CNhs12574nasal epithelial cells donor2sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
624CNhs12575Basophils donor3basophilLASSOElastic Net
625CNhs12588CD34+ stem cells - adult bone marrow derived donor1 tech_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
626CNhs12589nasal epithelial cells donor1 tech_rep1sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
627CNhs12592Mast cell donor4mast cellLASSOElastic Net
628CNhs12593Mast cell donor3mast cellLASSOElastic Net
629CNhs12594Mast cell donor2mast cellLASSOElastic Net
630CNhs12596Iris Pigment Epithelial Cells donor1iris pigment epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
631CNhs12597Smooth Muscle Cells - Umbilical Vein donor1vascular associated smooth muscle cellLASSOElastic Net
632CNhs12610diencephalon adult LASSOElastic Net
633CNhs12611olfactory region adult LASSOElastic Net
634CNhs12624Renal Glomerular Endothelial Cells donor3kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
635CNhs12626Hepatocyte donor3hepatocyteLASSOElastic Net
636CNhs12639tenocyte donor1tendon cellLASSOElastic Net
637CNhs12640tenocyte donor2tendon cellLASSOElastic Net
638CNhs12641tenocyte donor3tendon cellLASSOElastic Net
639CNhs12726Neurons donor2neuronLASSOElastic Net
640CNhs12728Renal Cortical Epithelial Cells donor2kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
641CNhs12730Mesenchymal Stem Cells - hepatic donor2mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
642CNhs12731Meningeal Cells donor3stromal cellLASSOElastic Net
643CNhs12732Renal Epithelial Cells donor3kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
644CNhs12733Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells donor3retinal pigment epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
645CNhs12805medulloblastoma cell line:D283 Med LASSOElastic Net
646CNhs12806large cell lung carcinoma cell line:NCI-H460 LASSOElastic Net
647CNhs12807plasma cell leukemia cell line:ARH-77 LASSOElastic Net
648CNhs12808small cell lung carcinoma cell line:DMS 144 LASSOElastic Net
649CNhs12809small cell lung carcinoma cell line:NCI-H82 LASSOElastic Net
650CNhs12810salivary acinar cells donor1acinar cellLASSOElastic Net
651CNhs12811salivary acinar cells donor2acinar cellLASSOElastic Net
652CNhs12812salivary acinar cells donor3acinar cellLASSOElastic Net
653CNhs12838merkel cell carcinoma cell line:MKL-1 LASSOElastic Net
654CNhs12839merkel cell carcinoma cell line:MS-1 LASSOElastic Net
655CNhs12840cerebral meninges adult LASSOElastic Net
656CNhs12842appendix adult LASSOElastic Net
657CNhs12844vein adult LASSOElastic Net
658CNhs12846ductus deferens adult LASSOElastic Net
659CNhs12847epididymis adult LASSOElastic Net
660CNhs12848gall bladder adult LASSOElastic Net
661CNhs12849parotid gland adult LASSOElastic Net
662CNhs12850penis adult LASSOElastic Net
663CNhs12851seminal vesicle adult LASSOElastic Net
664CNhs12852submaxillary gland adult LASSOElastic Net
665CNhs12853tongue adult LASSOElastic Net
666CNhs12854vagina adult LASSOElastic Net
667CNhs12855heart - mitral valve adult LASSOElastic Net
668CNhs12856heart - pulmonic valve adult LASSOElastic Net
669CNhs12857heart - tricuspid valve adult LASSOElastic Net
670CNhs12858throat adult LASSOElastic Net
671CNhs12894Smooth Muscle Cells - Tracheal donor3smooth muscle cell of tracheaLASSOElastic Net
672CNhs12922Mesenchymal Stem Cells - adipose donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
673CNhs12996duodenum fetal donor1 tech_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
674CNhs12997temporal lobe fetal donor1 tech_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
675CNhs12998testis adult pool2 LASSOElastic Net
676CNhs13049acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M7) cell line:M-MOK LASSOElastic Net
677CNhs13050acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:NOMO-1 LASSOElastic Net
678CNhs13051acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:P31/FUJ LASSOElastic Net
679CNhs13052acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M2) cell line:Kasumi-6 LASSOElastic Net
680CNhs13053acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M0) cell line:KG-1 LASSOElastic Net
681CNhs13054acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M1) cell line:HYT-1 LASSOElastic Net
682CNhs13055acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M3) cell line:HL60 LASSOElastic Net
683CNhs13056acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M4eo) cell line:EoL-1 LASSOElastic Net
684CNhs13057acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M4eo) cell line:EoL-3 LASSOElastic Net
685CNhs13058acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M5) cell line:U-937 DE-4 LASSOElastic Net
686CNhs13059acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M6) cell line:EEB LASSOElastic Net
687CNhs13060acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M6) cell line:F-36E LASSOElastic Net
688CNhs13061mesothelioma cell line:NCI-H28 LASSOElastic Net
689CNhs13062mesothelioma cell line:NCI-H226 LASSOElastic Net
690CNhs13063mesothelioma cell line:NCI-H2052 LASSOElastic Net
691CNhs13064mesothelioma cell line:NCI-H2452 LASSOElastic Net
692CNhs13066mesothelioma cell line:Mero-25 LASSOElastic Net
693CNhs13067mesothelioma cell line:Mero-41 LASSOElastic Net
694CNhs13068mesothelioma cell line:Mero-48a LASSOElastic Net
695CNhs13069mesothelioma cell line:Mero-82 LASSOElastic Net
696CNhs13070mesothelioma cell line:Mero-83 LASSOElastic Net
697CNhs13072mesothelioma cell line:Mero-84 LASSOElastic Net
698CNhs13073mesothelioma cell line:Mero-95 LASSOElastic Net
699CNhs13074mesothelioma cell line:No36 LASSOElastic Net
700CNhs13075mesothelioma cell line:ONE58 LASSOElastic Net
701CNhs13080Renal Glomerular Endothelial Cells donor4kidney epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
702CNhs13092mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer left ovary donor2 LASSOElastic Net
703CNhs13093mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer metastasis donor2 LASSOElastic Net
704CNhs13094mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer left ovary donor4 LASSOElastic Net
705CNhs13096mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer right ovary donor4 LASSOElastic Net
706CNhs13097mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer metastasis donor4 LASSOElastic Net
707CNhs13098mesenchymal precursor cell - bone marrow donor3mesenchymal cellLASSOElastic Net
708CNhs13099serous adenocarcinoma cell line:SK-OV-3-R biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
709CNhs13195CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
710CNhs13202CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
711CNhs13203CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells expanded donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
712CNhs13204CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
713CNhs13205CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
714CNhs13206CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
715CNhs13207CD14-CD16+ Monocytes donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
716CNhs13208CD14+CD16+ Monocytes donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
717CNhs13215CD4+CD25-CD45RA- memory conventional T cells expanded donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
718CNhs13216CD14+CD16- Monocytes donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
719CNhs13223CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells donor1T cellLASSOElastic Net
720CNhs13224CD14+CD16- Monocytes donor1monocyteLASSOElastic Net
721CNhs13449optic nerve donor1 LASSOElastic Net
722CNhs13454skeletal muscle - soleus muscle donor1 LASSOElastic Net
723CNhs13465CD14+ monocytes - treated with BCG donor1 LASSOElastic Net
724CNhs13466CD14+ monocytes - treated with IFN + N-hexane donor1 LASSOElastic Net
725CNhs13467CD14+ monocytes - treated with Trehalose dimycolate (TDM) donor1 LASSOElastic Net
726CNhs13468CD14+ monocytes - mock treated donor1monocyteLASSOElastic Net
727CNhs13469CD14+ monocytes - treated with Group A streptococci donor1 LASSOElastic Net
728CNhs13470CD14+ monocytes - treated with lipopolysaccharide donor1 LASSOElastic Net
729CNhs13471CD14+ monocytes - treated with Salmonella donor1 LASSOElastic Net
730CNhs13472CD14+ monocytes - treated with Cryptococcus donor1 LASSOElastic Net
731CNhs13473CD14+ monocytes - treated with Candida donor1 LASSOElastic Net
732CNhs13474CD14+ monocytes - treated with B-glucan donor1 LASSOElastic Net
733CNhs13475CD14+ monocytes - treated with BCG donor2 LASSOElastic Net
734CNhs13476CD14+ monocytes - treated with IFN + N-hexane donor2 LASSOElastic Net
735CNhs13477Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain 5448 biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
736CNhs13478Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain JRS4 biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
737CNhs13479Hep-2 cells mock treated biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
738CNhs13480immature langerhans cells donor2dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
739CNhs13483CD14+ monocytes - treated with Trehalose dimycolate (TDM) donor2 LASSOElastic Net
740CNhs13484CD14+ monocytes - mock treated donor2monocyteLASSOElastic Net
741CNhs13485CD14+ monocytes - treated with Salmonella donor2 LASSOElastic Net
742CNhs13487CD14+ monocytes - treated with Cryptococcus donor2 LASSOElastic Net
743CNhs13488CD14+ monocytes - treated with Candida donor2 LASSOElastic Net
744CNhs13489CD14+ monocytes - treated with B-glucan donor2 LASSOElastic Net
745CNhs13490CD14+ monocytes - treated with IFN + N-hexane donor3 LASSOElastic Net
746CNhs13491CD14+ monocytes - mock treated donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
747CNhs13492CD14+ monocytes - treated with Group A streptococci donor3 LASSOElastic Net
748CNhs13493CD14+ monocytes - treated with Salmonella donor3 LASSOElastic Net
749CNhs13494CD14+ monocytes - treated with Candida donor3 LASSOElastic Net
750CNhs13495CD14+ monocytes - treated with B-glucan donor3 LASSOElastic Net
751CNhs13496Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain 5448 biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
752CNhs13497Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain 5448 biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
753CNhs13498Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain JRS4 biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
754CNhs13499Hep-2 cells treated with Streptococci strain JRS4 biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
755CNhs13500Hep-2 cells mock treated biol_rep2 LASSOElastic Net
756CNhs13501Hep-2 cells mock treated biol_rep3 LASSOElastic Net
757CNhs13502acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M2) cell line:Kasumi-1 LASSOElastic Net
758CNhs13503acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M4) cell line:FKH-1 LASSOElastic Net
759CNhs13504acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M4) cell line:HNT-34 LASSOElastic Net
760CNhs13505acute myeloid leukemia (FAB M6) cell line:F-36P LASSOElastic Net
761CNhs13507mesenchymal precursor cell - ovarian cancer right ovary donor3 (SOC-57-02-G) LASSOElastic Net
762CNhs13508serous adenocarcinoma cell line:SK-OV-3-R after co-culture with SOC-57-02-G biol_rep1 LASSOElastic Net
763CNhs13512CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
764CNhs13513CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
765CNhs13532CD14+ monocytes - treated with Group A streptococci donor2 LASSOElastic Net
766CNhs13533CD14+ monocytes - treated with lipopolysaccharide donor2 LASSOElastic Net
767CNhs13535migratory langerhans cells donor1dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
768CNhs13536migratory langerhans cells donor2dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
769CNhs13537immature langerhans cells donor1dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
770CNhs13538CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
771CNhs13539CD4+CD25-CD45RA- memory conventional T cells donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
772CNhs13540CD14+CD16- Monocytes donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
773CNhs13541CD14+CD16+ Monocytes donor1monocyteLASSOElastic Net
774CNhs13543CD14+ monocytes - treated with BCG donor3 LASSOElastic Net
775CNhs13544CD14+ monocytes - treated with Trehalose dimycolate (TDM) donor3 LASSOElastic Net
776CNhs13545CD14+ monocytes - treated with lipopolysaccharide donor3 LASSOElastic Net
777CNhs13546CD14+ monocytes - treated with Cryptococcus donor3 LASSOElastic Net
778CNhs13547migratory langerhans cells donor3dendritic cellLASSOElastic Net
779CNhs13548CD14-CD16+ Monocytes donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
780CNhs13549CD14+CD16+ Monocytes donor3monocyteLASSOElastic Net
781CNhs13550Mallassez-derived cells donor2epithelial cell of MalassezLASSOElastic Net
782CNhs13551Mallassez-derived cells donor3epithelial cell of MalassezLASSOElastic Net
783CNhs13552Reticulocytes biol_ rep1reticulocyteLASSOElastic Net
784CNhs13553Reticulocytes biol_ rep2reticulocyteLASSOElastic Net
785CNhs13793amygdala - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
786CNhs13794thalamus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
787CNhs13795hippocampus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
788CNhs13796medial frontal gyrus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
789CNhs13797parietal lobe - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
790CNhs13798occipital cortex - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
791CNhs13799cerebellum - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
792CNhs13800medulla oblongata - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
793CNhs13801globus pallidus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
794CNhs13802caudate nucleus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
795CNhs13804pineal gland - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
796CNhs13805pituitary gland - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
797CNhs13807spinal cord - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
798CNhs13808locus coeruleus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
799CNhs13809medial temporal gyrus - adult donor10196 LASSOElastic Net
800CNhs13811CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
801CNhs13812CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
802CNhs13813CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded donor2T cellLASSOElastic Net
803CNhs13814CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded donor3T cellLASSOElastic Net
804CNhs13815Neurons donor3neuronLASSOElastic Net
805CNhs13816Olfactory epithelial cells donor1sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
806CNhs13817Olfactory epithelial cells donor2sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
807CNhs13818Olfactory epithelial cells donor3sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
808CNhs13819Olfactory epithelial cells donor4sensory epithelial cellLASSOElastic Net
The following links provide the source code of the programs used in the calling of enhancer targets and identifying cancer genes in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Source code:
Calling enhancer targets GitHub
HCC analysis Download